The mapping tool is available to the public for use in analyzing the Alabama defense-dependent industrial base.

The tool can be accessed by creating a user login at Alabama Defense Industrial Base Mapping Tool.

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Alabama Defense Industrial Base Mapping Tool 


For additional information regarding the ADIDAP Program:

Contact: Brian Tucker
UAH Office for Operational Excellence (

“The single-page application RAAD front-end offers a lot of functionality, but does it in a way that seems simple and intuitive to users.”

   – Brian Tucker, ADIDAP Program Manager (University of Alabama in Huntsville, Office for Operational Excellence)

As part of the ADIDAP program, an Alabama Defense Industrial Base Mapping tool was created to provide a better understanding of the Alabama industries, businesses and workers that are dependent upon the Department of Defense. The tool provides data and analytics at the state level, the county level and also for Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA). 

The Mapping Tool provides at least the following benefits:

  • More complete representation of the DoD industrial base in Alabama
  • Better understanding the economic impact by industry sectors by region (county and MSA)
  • Ability to identify regional (county, MSA) dependency on DoD contracts by sector
  • Provides the capability to perform what-if analysis by region and by sector
  • Provides the ability to identify regional industry gaps 

The mapping tool was created by modifying a commercial Supply Chain Management software to add unique Alabama economic development requirements.  The tool, which accepts data from multiple sources, is a single-page application, limiting the need to navigate between multiple tabs or screens, while still providing the user with a wealth of information for review and analysis. In its current form, the tool uses prime contract and reported subcontract data from based on the organization’s place of performance.  The data from the System for Award Management ( is also used for contractor physical address.  The tool will continue to be modified to add additional features and accept additional data inputs related to the Alabama defense industrial base. 


As an example, this image provides a snapshot of the data and information for the Montgomery, Alabama MSA.