Position Description


The Alabama Job Creation and Military Stability Commission (the “Commission”) was formed in 2011 by a resolution of the Alabama Legislature and signed by the Governor.  It has 19 members including the major legislative leadership, State constitutional officers, senior retired military officers and other civilian and elected officials. The Commission formed the Military Stability Foundation (the “Foundation”) to support the Commission’s mission to protect and grow Alabama’s military assets. While the Commission meets several times per year, the Foundation meets on a more regular basis and is the administrative arm of the Commission.


The Foundation seeks to engage an Executive Director who has the necessary qualifications to perform the duties as described below. The Executive Director is responsible for the financial, operational, administrative and legal aspects of the daily management of the Foundation and Commission, which includes but is not limited to the organization of the Foundation and Commission meetings, public relations and marketing, sound management of all fiscal resources, and business operations in accordance with standard business practice.  Some of the specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

(1)   Administer the day-to-day operations of the Foundation and Commission;

(2)   Facilitate meetings of the Foundation and Commission and keep members of each informed of activities;

(3)   Work with the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs agency to ensure compliance with all state reporting requirements and regulations;

(4)   Manage and monitor the Foundation’s annual budget;

(5)   Develop and maintain a working relationship with the communities, civic groups, and chambers of commerce who support the military installations within the state as well as communities and businesses within the state that have significant Department of Defense related contracts and operation interests;

(6)   Help maximize the military value of the state’s military installations in preparation for potential budget cuts, force structure draw-downs, significant mission changes or realignments, and future rounds of BRAC;

(7)   Be a resource to the state’s senior governmental officials and the state’s federal congressional delegation on defense, military, and BRAC issues that could affect the installations in Alabama;

(8)   Serve as the liaison of the Board to consultants hired by the Foundation, state or local communities to assist in building military value, positioning military base related to BRAC, and other projects undertaken by the Foundation, including federal grants;

(9)   Serve as the liaison with the Alabama National Guard leadership structure;Type your paragraph here.

How to Apply

Suitable applicants should send their resumes to John Mitchell at jmitchell@mitchellauto.com. The MSF Board of Directors hopes to fill this position as soon as possible but will continue to accept applications until otherwise stated. Please continue to monitor this website for updates to this and other opportunities.



Position Announcement: Executive Director

The Military Stability Foundation is officially seeking candidates for an open Executive Director position. This individual will be responsible for the financial, operational, administrative and legal aspects of the daily management of the Military Stability Foundation and Commission. A detailed job description can be found below.